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[Condor-users] Condor : Which one to Download ???


I have been trying to install condor on a linux cluster of 7 worker nodes and 1 central manager. In my cluster I have 5 machines which are Intel Xeon (64 bit) and two Intel x86 (32 bit). Which condor binary should be used for this case ? My OS is FC 5. Can I install binaries for Opteron (which is 64bit by AMD) ?? Or should I use the x86 binaries ?

Also, I have a NFS server running on the intended central manager and also NIS. All machines share a common file system . All users have unique user IDs for the whole cluster. I d/loaded v 6.8.4 (x86) and I got it all running. condor_status shows all machines in the cluster. But I could not get a job running. The jobs always stay idle. So, I thought maybe its an architecture conflict (64 bit vs. 32 bit).

Any tips are most welcome.