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Re: [Condor-users] [gt-user] MPICH2-G jobs and Condor Jobmanager

Dear Stuart,
I don't know any idea about any modification in condor.pm. After any
modification in condor.pm What I must do?

On 4/26/07, Stuart Martin <smartin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
To my knowledge, Condor has not been used as a LRM target for mpich-
g2 MPI jobs.  The GRAM Condor adapter scripts should have returned an
error for any condor jobtype=mpi job as "unsupported".  You should
have gotten that error message, maybe the client-side mpirun command
failed to output that message.

This would not work for submitting in the Condor "standard" universe.

I think MPI support was added to condor somewhat recently and there
has not been requests for it.  You could try modifying the condor.pm
script to set the universe for jobtype mpi to set the universe in the
condor job submission script according to this: http://

Here is the code where the JOBTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED should have been
  if($description->jobtype() eq 'single' ||
        $description->jobtype() eq 'multiple')
         $universe = 'vanilla';

         if ($description->jobtype() eq 'multiple'
                 && ($description->count() > 1)) {
             $multi_output = 1;
     elsif($description->jobtype() eq 'condor')
         $universe = 'standard'
         return Globus::GRAM::Error::JOBTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED();


On Apr 26, 2007, at Apr 26, 3:45 AM, Mehdi Sheikhalishahi wrote:

> Hi,
> If in RSL script of a MPICH-G2 job Condor-Jobmanager specified as
> Resource Manager. Condor Will choose with universe of that job and how
> manage it?
> --
> Best Regards,
> S.Mehdi Sheikhalishahi,
> Web: http://www.cse.shirazu.ac.ir/~alishahi/
> Bye.

Best Regards,
S.Mehdi Sheikhalishahi,
Web: http://www.cse.shirazu.ac.ir/~alishahi/