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[Condor-users] Benchmark and MIPS value

We are running 50 hosts of type: HP Proliant DL145G3 with 2 dual-core AMD Opteron processors @ 2218.2 GHz. We see surprisingly low MIPS values reported by Condor. Values that can not be correct. We use MIPS as a rank criterion. As a result most of our batch jobs are sent to older, less per formant machines. We think that this is related to the fact that these computers work with cpu frequencies which are dynamic, i.e. the hardware reduces the cpu frequency when the machine is not loaded to save power and it speeds up when the machine gets loaded. Condor's benchmark is run only when a machine is idling and it finds too low MIPS values!!! Is our suspicion correct? Did anyone see a similar behavior? Is it possible to get better benchmark results (avoiding this effect)?

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