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Re: [Condor-users] Job rejected because ImageSize is too big

Can you post your submit file contents and find the size of the executable?


Si Hammond

On 15/08/07, David Brodbeck <brodbd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Aug 15, 2007, at 1:39 PM, Si Hammond wrote:


How big is the executable? This sounds very large. If you type condor_status you can see how much memory Condor thinks the machine or slot has. If it says 900 this is 900Mb.

I don't know how big the executable is; I'll have to ask the person who submitted it.  It's a script that launches some PVM processes.  We've been struggling a bit to find a way to get this application to run, since CondorPVM doesn't seem to be supported anymore.

Condor lists each slot on my 4 gig, dual-CPU nodes as having 1976 megabytes of RAM.

In your submission file you can use this value as the minimum amount of memory for the job.

I thought of that, but won't Condor just recalculate the image size after 15 seconds and decide it's too big?

Hope this helps.

Si Hammond

On 15 Aug 2007, at 21:22, David Brodbeck wrote:

I've got a Vanilla universe job that was idled after 1 hour and 45 minutes of runtime due to this:

    Condition                         Machines Matched    Suggestion
    ---------                         ----------------    ----------
1   ( ( 1024 * target.Memory ) >= 9140000 )0                   REMOVE

What's the best way to override this in the submit file?  Should I be setting Memory on the requirements line, or should I be overriding the computed ImageSize somehow?  I know the figure must be wrong because the machine only has a total of 4 gigs of ram and 2 gigs of swap, so the process would have exhausted available memory and died if it were really that large.

David Brodbeck
Information Technology Specialist 3
Computational Linguistics
University of Washington

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