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Re: [Condor-users] Matlab Compiler and Condor under Windows


What OS is your Central Manager running? If it's Win2000 or WinXP there is a
limit of 10 simultaneous connections to a share. Maybe Windows is the
bottleneck at this point?


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> Hi there,
> I recently installed Matlab on my Central manager and "just" 
> Condor on the client nodes. To implement a distributed 
> Matlab, I just compiled the m-files and sent them, via the 
> Condor network, to the clients. The clients need to have 
> acces to the appropriate  Matlab environment, which I 
> realised by sharing the matlab-runtime (.../win32/bin/) 
> folder on the CM. With up to five nodes its working 
> absolutely fine, but, if more nodes wanted to access the 
> shared folder they got blocked.
> I found a special hint in the Matlab compiler, which told me 
> some about threadlocking for this environment (runtime env.). 
> So, now I wanted to ask, if sombody made similar experiences.
> The Matlab license on the server node is just for one 
> workstation. Do I need to install a server license??
> I found a way to solve this problem by installing the Matlab 
> Component Runtime on each participating node, but, I want to 
> find a solution, where I can use just one Matlab installation 
> and hundreds of Condor equipped nodes for speeding up my 
> applications. No use of extra Matlab installation (or MCR), 
> free of licenses ... and so on.
> I hope anyone can help me ;-)
> With kind regards,
> Tobias Pingel
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