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Re: [Condor-users] Matlab Compiler and Condor under Windows

Hello Simon,

This is very interesting - checkpointing Octave code.
Do you have by chance any instructions on how to compile Octave
scripts for condor checkpointing? I suppose you have to compile
Octave itself to be able to do so?


Andrey Kaliazin

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> I'm not sure if it will help but we use Octave, the freeware
> MATLAB clone for most of our Condor work. You can get it to
> compile so that it uses Condor checkpointing as well. It can
> feel a bit slower than MATLAB in places but it does the job
> pretty well.
> Si Hammond
> On 23/08/07, Tobias Pingel <t.pingel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>       Hi there,
>       I recently installed Matlab on my Central manager and
> "just" Condor on
>       the client nodes. To implement a distributed Matlab, I
> just compiled the
>       m-files and sent them, via the Condor network, to the
> clients. The
>       clients need to have acces to the appropriate  Matlab
> environment, which
>       I realised by sharing the matlab-runtime
> (.../win32/bin/) folder on the
>       CM. With up to five nodes its working absolutely fine,
> but, if more
>       nodes wanted to access the shared folder they got blocked.
>       I found a special hint in the Matlab compiler, which
> told me some about
>       threadlocking for this environment (runtime env.). So,
> now I wanted to
>       ask, if sombody made similar experiences.
>       The Matlab license on the server node is just for one
> workstation. Do I
>       need to install a server license??
>       I found a way to solve this problem by installing the
> Matlab Component
>       Runtime on each participating node, but, I want to find
> a solution,
>       where I can use just one Matlab installation and
> hundreds of Condor
>       equipped nodes for speeding up my applications. No use
> of extra Matlab
>       installation (or MCR), free of licenses ... and so on.
>       I hope anyone can help me ;-)
>       With kind regards,
>       Tobias Pingel
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