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[Condor-users] Matlab Compiler and Condor under Windows

Hi there,

I recently installed Matlab on my Central manager and "just" Condor on the client nodes. To implement a distributed Matlab, I just compiled the m-files and sent them, via the Condor network, to the clients. The clients need to have acces to the appropriate Matlab environment, which I realised by sharing the matlab-runtime (.../win32/bin/) folder on the CM. With up to five nodes its working absolutely fine, but, if more nodes wanted to access the shared folder they got blocked.

I found a special hint in the Matlab compiler, which told me some about threadlocking for this environment (runtime env.). So, now I wanted to ask, if sombody made similar experiences.

The Matlab license on the server node is just for one workstation. Do I need to install a server license??

I found a way to solve this problem by installing the Matlab Component Runtime on each participating node, but, I want to find a solution, where I can use just one Matlab installation and hundreds of Condor equipped nodes for speeding up my applications. No use of extra Matlab installation (or MCR), free of licenses ... and so on.

I hope anyone can help me ;-)

With kind regards,
Tobias Pingel