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Re: [Condor-users] How to slip in later-submitted jobs

Steffen Grunewald wrote:

1.  Will Condor now, without any further condor_config editing, give
Sally's jobs equal priority with Joe's jobs in competition for newly
available machines?
All other things being equal, Condor will try to give Sally and Joe an equal share of the pool, so if new resources become available, Sally should get them.

*If* and only if the leases (claims) assigned to the prior used have expired, otherwise Condor will continue to schedule jobs for him.

The stated assumption is that new machines have become available. But you raise a good point: by default, machines are _not_ freed up as soon as jobs complete. Instead, the schedd will continue to use its claim to the machine as long as it has more jobs from the same user that match the machine ClassAd, and as long as that claim is not preempted. So if you turn off preemption, you probably also want to limit the lifespan of claims (CLAIM_WORKLIFE), as described in the manual:


2.  Is it possible for Condor to give Sally's jobs a higher priority
*just for this submittal*?  We don't want Sally's jobs to always have
higher priority just because she is Sally, only because she indicates
they need higher priority somehow.

I should also mention several options users have to adjust their own priority:

One is to identify themselves as nice_user=true. This runs their job with a very low user priority.

Another option is to use accounting groups. The user can identify which group the job belongs to, and the pool administrator can configure the priority of each group independently. The manual has more details: