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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows XP

Hi Ivailo,

have you tried running the program under a "naked" windows PC (no Borland installed (special libraries ...)).
I use 6.6.11 its working properly!

Can u sent me your program? (ZIPPED!!!!) (use just my e-mail adress)


Ivailo Penev schrieb:

Hello Thomas and Tobias,

I don’t think that the application is not properly compiled for Windows. It works under command line exactly as expected. I tried with a very simple program which just prints “Hello, Condor!”. I compiled it with both Pascal(Turbo Pascal 7.0) and Borland C. Both executable-s work fine in DOS emulation and both produce the same error when submitted to Condor:

>> 8/24 14:16:17 About to exec

>> C:\condor\execute\dir_3684\condor_exec.exe

>> 8/24 14:16:17 ERROR: C:\condor\execute\dir_3684\condor_exec.exe is not a valid Windows executable

Furthermore I tried to uninstall condor, delete directory ‘condor’, restart the machine and reinstall condor a couple of times. I tried even with the older versions of Condor for Windows available in the site (Condor 8.4, Condor 8.3). I had the same result.

Are you sure that Condor under Windows can perform executablesl?(As I said in the previous letters bat-jobs work fine). I have no more ideas except trying to prepare a virtual Unix machine to test Condor pool running with compiled jobs for Unix.

Best regards,

Ivailo Penev


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