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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows XP !!SOLVED!!

Hi Ivailo,

I got your program, tested it and observed the same errors! I compiled it with dev-cpp using mingw32 (gcc.exe), and inserted some newlines at the end!!, and it's working properly. So, check your compiler! Maybe try other(s), and add some newline(s) at the end.

Hope that works!


Ivailo Penev schrieb:

Hello Thomas and Tobias,

I don’t think that the application is not properly compiled for Windows. It works under command line exactly as expected. I tried with a very simple program which just prints “Hello, Condor!”. I compiled it with both Pascal(Turbo Pascal 7.0) and Borland C. Both executable-s work fine in DOS emulation and both produce the same error when submitted to Condor:

>> 8/24 14:16:17 About to exec

>> C:\condor\execute\dir_3684\condor_exec.exe

>> 8/24 14:16:17 ERROR: C:\condor\execute\dir_3684\condor_exec.exe is not a valid Windows executable

Furthermore I tried to uninstall condor, delete directory ‘condor’, restart the machine and reinstall condor a couple of times. I tried even with the older versions of Condor for Windows available in the site (Condor 8.4, Condor 8.3). I had the same result.

Are you sure that Condor under Windows can perform executablesl?(As I said in the previous letters bat-jobs work fine). I have no more ideas except trying to prepare a virtual Unix machine to test Condor pool running with compiled jobs for Unix.

Best regards,

Ivailo Penev


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