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Re: [Condor-users] Submit files

> I think you're out of luck - there's no way for a job ad to 
> reference another job ad.

Yes, thinking on it more I realised that it wouldn't really be

> My best suggestion is to run it as a DAG of 10 jobs, split 
> into 1 job and then 9 jobs that depend on the first job. Let 
> the first job run on either Linux or Windows, and then have 
> the post script or pre scripts set the requirements for the 
> next 9 jobs to run on the same platform.

I considered that as one possibility. The others were:
* Run 10 on each. Then choose the first one that finishes
* Choose one architecture and send the 10 jobs there.
* Wrap 10 jobs into a single looping job and submit it to either
  one or the other.

The exact details above were artificial, but I was speaking to 
potential industrial users yesterday who raised the issue and I was
unable to
give a definitive answer, saying that I thought the best they could do
to choose one and go for that.