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Re: [Condor-users] Submit files

On 12/12/07, Kewley, J (John) <j.kewley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OK guys, here is a question for the submit file / REQUIREMENTS statement
> experts:
> I have a mixed pool of WINNT51 and LINUX machines. My code will run on
> either.
> I want to submit a cluster of 10 jobs which will either ALL run on
> WINNT51 or
> ALL run on LINUX since for reporting (and reproducibility) purposes I
> need to be able
> to spcify the platform the tests ran on.
> I know how to specify:
> * All jobs run on LINUX
> * All jobs run on WINNT51
> * Each job may run on either LINUX or WINNT51
> Any ideas? I suspect either it can't currently be done simply (in which
> case it'd make a
> useful enhancement request), there is some simple trick I am missing, or
> someone out
> there has a more devious mind than me for these things.

I think you're out of luck - there's no way for a job ad to reference
another job ad.

My best suggestion is to run it as a DAG of 10 jobs, split into 1 job
and then 9 jobs that depend on the first job. Let the first job run on
either Linux or Windows, and then have the post script or pre scripts
set the requirements for the next 9 jobs to run on the same platform.