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Re: [Condor-users] Using Condor as Host for VMWare Virtual Machines

Ian Chesal wrote:
I'm trying to determine if Condor would be a good solution for me.
I currently have a bunch of older, slower machines in my lab that
I want to somehow cluster together such that I can host multitudes
of VMWare virtual machines.  Currently, each individual machine is
only fast enough to host at most one or two virtual machines.

I personally haven't had a chance to play with all of this yet but
Condor is very quickly becoming a VM-friendly tool. Check out this
presentation from Condor Week 2007:


Condor can launch jobs under VMs for you. And as with all Condor
installs you can tell Condor "only run X number of jobs concurrently on
this machine". So you get to tell each machine now many concurrent VM
sessions to allow.

This is something we are actively looking at. In fact we were basically
waiting for this sort of functionality to become available since it makes the whole business of provisioning the required, compliant environments for high throughput computing tractable. Very much what the doctor ordered.

We have looked at using VMWare as the VM engine, since it has the widest ability to run almost anything (or what users will want in terms of OSes) on the widest variety of underlying machines (or most of what we have to run on.). This having been said I am fairly agnostic, provided the VM engine offers the required features at a good price, as the important thing is to facilitate the users.

We've also been doing some work on efficiently provisioning virtual machines (vmware) to clusters, and so on, although we need to revisit this work and test against VMWare's own products for provisioning.

Aaron Turner, White Rose Grid / University of York