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Re: [Condor-users] Group issues

I just realized that the explanation of this behavior is simple. The priority value assigned to a job is only relevant across jobs from the same user. It turns out that when you specify an accounting group, that overrides the user for purposes of job prioritization. Therefore, it is expected that there should be no particular ordering of jobs that are submitted under different accounting groups, even if the jobs submitted as one of the groups has a higher numerical priority than jobs submitted as the other group.

One workaround would be to make your execution machines rank higher priority jobs higher, across all users. Example:

Rank = TARGET.JobPrio


Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:

Just to add to the group accounting confusion (and trying to ping this unanswered topic) I get strange matchmaking behaviour when using group quotas: If I have two dagman jobs from the same user, one with both higher priority and machine rank preference the execution order of the jobs is strict: all higher
priority jobs run before the lower priority jobs are started.
But if I assign the jobs to a group than the execution order gets mingled, the two jobs get roughly equal share of processors.

Can it be a configuration issue? Is there anything I can check to get the same matchmaking logic as without groups, using quotas just to limit the processor usage of the jobs?

Using 6.9.3 by the way.


Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:

I'm using group quota to limit job count because of the available licenses we have for commercial softwares.
While this works nicely I have two problems that I'd like to solve somehow:

- If multiple users submit jobs using the same group the users' personal priorities are not considered for negotiation. I'd like to have fair share between users within a group too. Is it possible to do so?

- When a job is running as "part of a group" the users' information is not added to the condor_status -submitters data. Is there any way to get data about the actual users submitting the jobs using condor_status and condor_userprio?

Thanks for any pointers!


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