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Re: [Condor-users] Group issues


First of all, thanks for all the response!

A couple of notes on this:

- It's "AccountingGroup", not "AccountGroup".
- If you just set it to "<group>" instead of "<group>.<user>" the quotas
   will not take effect (and you will also not get warned about it).
   (You need the period after the group name.)
The group setup does work fine for me already, the quota works well and the jobs are assigned to the group when asked with condor_status -submitters. My problem is that job priority does not work for even within the jobs of a single user. For example I have 100 jobs (submitted by the same user) with priority -1000 and 100 jobs with priority 1000, all of them assigned to a group that is limited to a group quota of 10. Instead of running all the jobs (10 at the same time) with the higher priority first and only start the less important stuff after, I get roughly the same amount of low and high (job-)priority jobs running. Usually the older jobs get slightly more processors (about 6/4 or 3/7) in spite of both job priority and machine rank expression.