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Re: [Condor-users] Group issues

Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:
Hi Dan, thanks for replying!

I just realized that the explanation of this behavior is simple. The priority value assigned to a job is only relevant across jobs from the same user. It turns out that when you specify an accounting group, that overrides the user for purposes of job prioritization.
So if a job is submitted as part of a group (group_name.user) than the job priorities are not considered at all?
Job priorities are still considered. But they only apply to the relative priorities of jobs submitted by the same group_name.user. They do not apply across different values of group_name.user.

But job priorities of jobs assigned to the same group are not used at all.

When you say "the same group" do you mean two different values of "group_name.user" that share the same group_name but have different user parts? If so, that is expected.