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[Condor-users] Condor-C with +remote_Requirement

I`m using 6.8.1 Condor-C to submit from one schedd into another Schedd which then matchmakes in the vanilla universe. To set the requirements I use
the syntax
+remote_Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" || Arch == "X86_64")
which works, but
+remote_Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" || Arch == "X86_64") && StringlistMember("12.0.31", ATHENA_VERSION)
does not and causes an error in /tmp/CGAHPWorkerLog.me
1/3 13:26:22 [24463] Invalid args to CONDOR_JOB_SUBMIT
1/3 13:26:22 [24463] ERROR processing CONDOR_JOB_SUBMIT  ...
... Requirements\ =\ (Arch\ ==\ "INTEL"\ ||\ Arch\ ==\ "X86_64")\ &&\ StringlistMember("12.0.31";\ ATHENA_VERSION);\ ]

So it seems "StringlistMember" is breaking things. If I put single quotes around the whole lot then the condor-c submission works but the job never matches as the quotes are still in the Requirements. Is there some mistake, or something I should be escaping?


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