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[Condor-users] Passing pointer to int list between MPI_Send and MPI_Recv


I have a simple program to pass an array and the array size between two
different processors.

The main function works as follows.  If the rank is 0, it is the
coordinator, if greater than 0, it is the worker.

I have the coordinator dynamically allocate memory to an int pointer.  I am
trying to pass this pointer between the coordinator and the worker.  I think
I am having an syntactical issue.

My code is at http://gis.sis.pitt.edu/temp/chris/mpi/simple2/test.c
The output is at http://gis.sis.pitt.edu/temp/chris/mpi/simple2/test2.out

What am I doing wrong?  This had me tied up for hours.


Christopher Jon Jursa
Geoinformatics Laboratory
School of Information Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
web: http://gis.sis.pitt.edu
email: cjursa@xxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: 412-624-8858