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[Condor-users] condor setup problem on windows2003


I tried to set up Condor on my 3 hosts on windows server 2003.

I want to run my console application (myprogram.exe) which requires 3 command line arguments.

: inputfile(including absolute path), paramfile(including absolute path), outputfile(including absolute path)

e.g. myprogram.exe c:\temp\input.txt c:\temp\param.txt c:\temp\output.txt


First, I installed condor on my 3 hosts (1 master, 2 client),
and I configured cnodor.config and condor_config.local for each node (differently for master and client node).


But I failed to run a job now.
And I don't know how to confirm successful setup of condor. (I tried to run condor_q.exe, condor_status.exe, condor_findhost.exe -m etc.)


I attached my config files and job submission files (test15.condor).

Any comments will be appreciated.


Dongkyu Lee.


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