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Re: [Condor-users] condor x86 solaris binaries

On Jan 16 2007, Jim Fitzgerald wrote:

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have the condor x86 binaries available for download? I am looking for either x86 solaris 8 or 9 binaries. I know the Condor project does not post x86 solaris binaries for download, but I saw the following post in the email archive


and the following link from UTexas


The UTexas link states that Condor is running on linux, sparc solaris, and x86 solaris.
If anyone has any thoughts about running condor on x86 solaris, please share them!


Very strange this ... I was looking for exactly the same codes today ...

I run Solaris 10 on my Sun Java workstation, and would like to run Condor-G

So .. anyone??? please ....