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Re: [Condor-users] DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session

On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 03:45:08PM -0800, Joseph D. Kulisics wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm trying to correct some errors that appear persistently in the log
> file for my condor manager. I'm still installing and testing the pool,
> so to make things as simple as possible, I have a pool composed only of
> the manager, which allows submissions and executes jobs. The manager has
> been running for several hours since I freshly installed it (I had been
> running it before, and removed and reinstalled all of condor's
> directories to try to fix these errors), and this error just keeps
> appearing:
> 1/29 15:37:14 DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session
> arsenic:14021:1169759226:477, failing.

it shouldn't appear on a regular basis, but there are some cases.  if you
restart the condor_collector for example, you'll see it in the CollectorLog
when the startd sends its next update.

what log are you seeing it in?  also, you can look for that session id
(arsenic:14021:1169759226:477) in the other condor logs to see which daemon is
attempting to resume the invalid session.

you can also increase the debugging level somewhat by modifying the daemon's
debug level in the condor_config file.  an example:


this will cause more detailed info to go into the log file, such as which IP
address and port all the connections are going to and coming from, which should
help us identify what exactly is failing.

> It executes jobs. I've tested it with runs of large numbers of key
> generations, and the only problem that I've noticed is that the matching
> took a long time when the server first launched. I can't figure out this
> error, and I wonder if it doesn't cause some problems.
>   Can anyone tell me what this error is and how to correct it?

it might be a result of daemons restarting, but if not, send your condor logs
(with the increased debug levels) to the condor-admin ticket system.