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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows Login Problem

Hi James:

Have you tried simply deleting the accounts entirely?  Condor will rebuild
these from scratch as needed.  Then check that there are no policies on the
machines that clear the batch logon privileges from any of the machine
users. This will ensure Condor can log on to the machine as quickly as


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Hi All

I am having a problem with my Windows-based Condor pool.  I have been
running 6.8.4 of Condor for the past 6 weeks (about to upgrade though).  In
the last 2 weeks we started experiencing problems.  What is happening is
that the Novell login box is appearing with the "condor-reuse-vm1" username
already filled in.  Cancelling a number of times does not allow the user to
login.  Deleting the username and inputting their own also does not allow
the user to login.  This behaviour is only happening on a small number of
machines but it is still annoying. Could it be that something Microsoft
released last patch Tuesday is causing the problem ?

Anybody else affected ?




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