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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows Login Problem

Hi Ian

We apply our patches on login via NAL

Unfortunately there does not appear to be a correlation

I have pulled the plug on Condor until we can resolve this



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> Hi All
> I am having a problem with my Windows-based Condor pool.  I 
> have been running 6.8.4 of Condor for the past 6 weeks (about 
> to upgrade though).  In the last 2 weeks we started 
> experiencing problems.  What is happening is that the Novell 
> login box is appearing with the "condor-reuse-vm1" username 
> already filled in.  Cancelling a number of times does not 
> allow the user to login.  Deleting the username and inputting 
> their own also does not allow the user to login.  This 
> behaviour is only happening on a small number of machines but 
> it is still annoying. Could it be that something Microsoft 
> released last patch Tuesday is causing the problem ?
> Anybody else affected ?

This sounds nasty. We run 6.8.4 here with Win XP and I haven't
seen/heard anything about this. But - catch 22 - most of the students
away so how would anyone know. I'm not in the Windows/Novell team here
so I couldn't tell you off hand of our patch history (I could find out). 
How do you apply your patches ? Are they done through re-imaging or through
an on-login NAL ? Does there appear to be any correlation between the
patched machines and the ones with the problem.



Dr Ian C. Smith
e-Science Team,
University of Liverpool,
Computing Services Department.


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