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Re: [Condor-users] Writing to HKEY_CURRENT_USERwhen running jobson Windows

> It looks as if we have the go ahead on this, so this will feature will
> added on a per-job basis in a future release of Condor.

Thanks! And great that it's a per-job attribute instead of a per-machine

> In the mean time, if you need write access to the user part of the
> registry,
> you might also try forcing the profile to be loaded by first login in
> user using the runas.exe command's /profile flag (which is set by
> default).
> The caveat to this, is that the runas.exe will require some
> (i.e. entering the selected user's password), but I believe this can
> overcome with an expect script (http://expect.nist.gov/#windows).
> were some other ideas I had, but this is by far the least hack'ish of
> lot, and the simplest.  If this does not fit your needs, let me know
> we
> can explore some other avenues.

I'll take a look at expect. We might be able to work around the problem
with this approach. When I get a solution in place I'll reply to the
list with the final approach I ended up taking.

- Ian