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[Condor-users] jobs don't work because user name is wrong

I have condor setup on windows to run as owner.  I have 4 systems.  1 is
WINNT50, 3 are WINNT51.  The condor_credd, and central manager are
running on WINNT51.  I have trouble on both the WINNT50 and 1 WINNT51
system.  The other 2 WINNT51 systems work fine.  I have no idea what the
difference is.  Below is an excerpt from the CredLog.  This is what I
get when my job fails.  When my job succeeds, I get the correct username
and domain listed.  Any idea, why condor is trying to use "ANONYMOUS
LOGON" as my user and "" as my domain instead of my real user and

7/3 12:02:13 sspi_server_auth() entered
7/3 12:02:13 sspi_server_auth() looping
7/3 12:02:13 sspi_server_auth(): user name is: "ANONYMOUS LOGON"
7/3 12:02:13 sspi_server_auth(): domain name is: ""
7/3 12:02:13 sspi_server_auth() exiting
7/3 12:02:13 DaemonCore: PERMISSION DENIED to ANONYMOUS LOGON@ from host
<> for command 81099 (CREDD_GET_PASSWD)