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Re: [Condor-users] worldwide projects using Condor

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your response and links.

Am I understanding right, that you have distributed infrastructure of clusters and Condor is used like a batch system for each cluster in this infrastructure?

So, if I am right, there is no distributed infrastructure of dedicated resources.

Condor's manual says us that "Condor effectively utilizes the computing power of workstations that communicate over a network. It can manage a dedicated cluster of workstations." But there is no words about is this cluster distributed or it is only over local subnet.

Could you, please, elaborate on this aspect of your work?



MS> Hi

MS> We do use Condor worldwide. See:

MS> http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/520969/

MS> and

MS> http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/doc/complexity-aware-grid1.pdf

MS> If you want more details - feel free to contact

MS> Mark

MS> On 7/4/07, Pavel <bps@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>  Hi *,

>> I'm trying to find out a globally distributed projects which use Condor

>> software, but without any success. Do you know anything about such projects

>> (links, papers, etc.)? In fact, there is a lot of project that integrate

>> resources from organization's subnet, but not worldwide.

>> Is there any possibility to gather worldwide distributed resources

>> (execution machines) into one Condor's pool? And what is a file transfer

>> protocol used in the "Condor's File Transfer Mechanism" (in case of vanilla

>> universe)?

>> Many hanks,

>> Pavel

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