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Re: [Condor-users] Machines match but reject for unknown reasons

Denis Bueno wrote:
I can't seem to convince condor to run any parallel job.  I have a pool of
one dual-ore OS X machine (ntel Core 2 Duo) and one dual-processor Windows
XP machine; the OS X machine is the master.  The only thing condor_q
-analyze ever says is "2 machinesmatch but reject for unknown reasons".

I have included the Negotiator [1] and SchedLog [2] (with ALL_DEBUG =
D_ALL) immediately after submit, as well as the job description file [3].  I
have been battling this for several days now, and am at a loss.

Here is the key line in the SchedLog:

7/6 14:04:34 (fd:9) (pid:2710) Found 0 potential dedicated resources

This means that the dedicated (parallel) scheduler didn't find any machines to run on. It finds machines by issuing the following query to the collector:

Requirements = ((DedicatedScheduler ==

Do your startds set the config variable


as described in the manual?