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[Condor-users] Problems Submitting Long Jobs to the Cluster

We have a Condor-6.6.9 cluster, and for no apparent reason no more than two jobs are able to run on the cluster. I checked the Sched.log

file of the master server and I noticed the following entries within it:


Sent ad to central manager for ak791@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Activity on stashed negotiator socket

Negotiating for owner ak791@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Checking consistency running and runnable jobs

Tables are consistent

Out of servers – 0 jobs matched, 8 jobs idle, 8 jobs rejected


I then checked the Matchlog file and I had numerous instances of the following:


Rejected 13149.x ak791@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <>: no match found


The NegotiatorLog file had the following entries:


Request 13149.0000x

            Rejected 13149.x ak791@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <>: no match found


I noticed that the system in question, oneofxeon, has problems connecting to several of the nodes in the cluster either through SSH or telnet. Connection

attempts fail with the error output being: No route to host. I verified the /etc/hosts file entries are all correct.


Has anyone seen this before, and knows what steps need to be done to correct it? Thanks.


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