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Re: [Condor-users] MPICH application

Nicolas, if you're going to use MPICH2 on the same SMP machine then the mp2script and the machfile that it uses take on a particularly simple form. I've written some notes on how to do it at:


Good luck,

Nicolas GUIOT wrote:

I'm trying (again..) to make some MPI application work with condor.

Right now, the problem is when I try to run some parallel jobs on the same machine (dual-core) : basically, mpich2 asks for a file mpd.hosts that contains this : node1:2
 --> so that it starts 2 process on the same box.

But mp2script creates a file that contains this : node1
 --> this doesn't work (at least by me..)

Did someone find a workaround ?

Tnaks in advance

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