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Re: [Condor-users] Can't find address

I have received the same error today. I was trying to add another computer to the cluster that I have. I performed all the downloading the same and when it finished I did a condor_status to see if the computer picked up on the cluster. It returned an error saying it could not contact the local_schedd on the host computer. This new computer I am trying to add will only be submitting jobs to condor not having jobs run on that computer. 

Well, I checked the task manager, and nothing of condor was running. So I ran net start condor in the command prompt and would receive a message saying condor started successfully, but in the task manager condor was still no where to be found. Occasionally, condor_master would show up for a second and then disappear. I tried starting everything manually but also had no luck. 

After a condor_restart I received the same message as well. 

Can't find address for local master
Perhaps you need to query another pool.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Josh Richardson
Integrity Applications Incorporated Intern (IAI)
703-378-8672 ext 632

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Hi everybody:
When I run condor_restart shows up a message:

Can't find address for local master
Perhaps you need to query another pool.

And the daemons I've started didn´t started at all, even there're no error
Can anybody help?

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