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Re: [Condor-users] Linux installation error

2007/7/24, David Brodbeck <brodbd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I had that problem, too, and didn't have any luck getting help with it

Yes, I have exactly the same problem but noticed a couple of mails
asking the same question without answer, so I thought it was not worth
trying asking again. Good that someone tried!

> I ended up using condor_install to install the master node, and then
did the
> execute nodes by hand.  I can give you the procedure I use, if you
want, but
> I'm using an NFS shared filesystem for the Condor files, with the
> directory for each host in its own subdirectory.  If you aren't doing
> that way, your procedure will be different.

I think NFS is the problem (or shared home of all the nodes), please
send your solution, I think many would be interested!


Tuorla observatory
University of Turku
Kaj Wiik <kaj.wiik@xxxxxx>