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Re: [Condor-users] Linux installation error

On Jul 27, 2007, at 1:22 AM, Kaj Wiik wrote:
I think NFS is the problem (or shared home of all the nodes), please
send your solution, I think many would be interested!

OK, this is how I set up an execute node, cribbed from my install notes.  A little background info on how my system is set up, so you can adjust for yours:
- /condor is the NFS filesystem with the condor release directory.
- Local directories are under /condor/hosts.
- The master configuration file in /condor/condor_config has all the correct setup for an execute node in it already.  (If you used condor_install, this is probably true for your system, as well.)  This means we can use an empty condor_config.local for those nodes.
- The condor account is named "condor".

This assumes the NFS filesystem is already mounted, and you've already got the node set up so it can resolve its own hostname and the hostname of the master node.  Edit /etc/hosts or do whatever you have to do to make that happen, first.  Make sure the node doesn't think its hostname has the IP -- this is the default Red Hat configuration and condor doesn't like it.

So, with that out of the way, the procedure I use is this:

A. Set up the local directory:
1. mkdir /condor/hosts/node-hostname (substitute the real hostname, of course.)
2. cd /condor/hosts/node-hostname
3. mkdir execute log spool
4. chown condor execute log spool
5. touch condor_config.local

B. Edit /condor/etc/roster and add the new machine's hostname.

C. Set Condor up to start on boot:
1. cp /condor/etc/examples/condor.boot /etc/init.d/condor
2. Edit /etc/init.d/condor, fix the MASTER variable to point to the proper location.
3. chkconfig condor on (this is distribution-dependent -- on Debian you'd use update-rc.d instead.)

D. Reboot, or do "/etc/init.d/condor start" to fire up condor.

That's it.  Hope this helps.

David Brodbeck
Information Technology Specialist 3
Computational Linguistics
University of Washington