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Re: [Condor-users] Resubmit to Different Machine

Rob Futrick wrote:
  Hello John,

I believe you could write the following to keep a job from executing on a machine on which it had already tried running:

Requirements=$(REQUIREMENTS) &&  (Machine=!=LastRemoteHost)

The LastRemoteHost attribute should be set to the last host on which a job attempted to execute. It wouldn't keep a job from executing on all machines that it previously attempted to run on, but would at least prevent the last one. Make sure you use =!= as it's undefined when the job hasn't run yet.

You could also prevent (or probably better, prefer) it to not run on a set of previous hosts by doing something like the following in your submit file:

match_list_length = 3
rank = LastMatchName0 =!= Name && LastMatchName1 =!= Name \\
       LastMatchName2 =!= Name

See the condor_submit man page, and perhaps the following old post to this list: