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Re: [Condor-users] condor_submit -remote

On 6/11/07, Kewley, J (John) <j.kewley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am still having some troubles with condor_submit -remote to submit
to a remote scheduler.

I have to turn on CLAIM_TO_BE (rather than the default no security) since FS_REMOTE
isn't supported without a shared filestore and/or UID domain (at least that is
my understanding).

BTW Note that I had to use LINUX.bat for my job to run rather than
$$(OpSys}$${ARCH}.bat since the target OS isn't known at this
stage. This could do with documenting.

I have Windows and Linux in the pool, central submit node being Linux.

Jobs now run, but then get stuck in "C" state, COMPLETED.

I am guessing it is trying to work out how to transfer back the output files.

Actually, it's waiting for you to transfer the data back. See