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Re: [Condor-users] condor_submit -remote

> >I have Windows and Linux in the pool, central submit node 
> being Linux.
> >
> >Jobs now run, but then get stuck in "C" state, COMPLETED.
> This is normal behavior.  When you submit with condor_submit -remote, 
> you have to use condor_transfer_data to fetch the output from the job 
> once it ends in "C" state.  You also have to remove the job, 
> either with 
> condor_rm or by using a periodic_remove expression that 
> removes the job 
> after its output has been fetched.

Excellent, that looks like the missing link I was looking for.

I suspect the -spool option for condor_submit that it refers to would be useful too.

Unfortunately I can't find condor_transfer_data in 6.6.6, looks like it is time I
updated the "Beast" release to something less apocalyptic.

Central + Submit node are 6.8, just that some of the workers lagging behind.

> You may ask, "can't I have condor fetch the data and remove 
> the remote 
> job for me automatically?"  Yes, you can.  It's called 
> Condor-C.  Rather 
> than submitting the job directly to the remote schedd, you 
> submit it to 
> your local schedd with universe=grid and GridResource set 
> appropriately 
> for the remote schedd.  Condor then does the remote 
> submission for you 
> and fetches back the output when the job is finished.

I have also been thinking of trying out this technique as an
alternative. I'll give it a go (probably need to upgrade first)