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[Condor-users] Windows manager & Linux execute/submit problem

I am new to Condor and am currently working with a small test pool
made up of a mix of Windows and Linux submit/execute machines with
a Windows manager. Everything seems to be working fine so far, but
issuing the command 'condor_q -analyze' from the Linux machines
produces the error:

Error: Could not connect to negotiator ((null))

In the CollectorLog on the manager this appears:

6/12 12:35:15 Got QUERY_STARTD_ADS
6/12 12:35:15 (Sent 4 ads in response to query)
6/12 12:35:15 DaemonCore: received unregistered command request 50 !

If I make the Linux machines talk to a Linux manager there is no
problem so I suspect the problem is more with the Windows manager.
The Linux machines are running version 6.8.5 of condor but the
Windows manager is running 6.6.11 - would upgrading to 6.8.5 help?

Thanks for any advice.

Mark Whidby
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences