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Re: [Condor-users] [?????]

> a) I am not querying why I get the [?????], that is a different issue

I believe Condor shows [?????] for the activity time when it's computed
value turns out to be less than zero. Maybe even zero actually This can
happen if your clocks on your execute node and your condor_collector
node are not synchronized. And zero can happen when a job starts up and
the condor_starter has yet to push updated run time information about
the job back to the collector.

That's all based on observation by the way. When I was writing my own
status commands I noticed when computing activity time (CurrentTime -
EnteredCurrentActivity) I'd some times end up with a negative value.

Speaking of requests. If I was going to make one of my own it'd be that
nothing in the default condor_status view columns be computed. That all
the values shown be true ClassAd attributes. Formatted is okay (as in
turning an integer into a D+HH:MM:SS string) but in the case of
ActvtyTime it's the only value you can't access directly from the
machine's ClassAd.

And I'll second what Michael McClenahan said: -format is your friend.
Learn to rely on your friends. You could even have your call to
condor_status return pre-formatted HTML output with the -f command so
your CGI script just drops the output straight into the rendered page.
Now that's real power.

- Ian