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Re: [Condor-users] a dummy executable on submit

> I want to run a python program on a Condor pool, which consist of
> LINUX and WINNT51 machines. My python program will run in both OpSys.

> Is it possible to make "executable = python", without transferring the
> python engine? My python script is test.py, and there's no need to
> transfer the python engine because the command "python test.py" will
> run well.

Yup. Try:

transfer_executable = false

Condor won't copy the binary and it expects that it can be found in your
path on the other end when it goes to run the job. If you do this you'll
need to make sure Condor knows to copy test.py. Try adding:

transfer_input_files = test.py

There are two other options available to you that are worth mentioning.

For the linux jobs you can probably (I'm a perl guy, not a python guy
but I'm sure my knowledge ports) just make the first line of the script:


And then just say:

executable = test.py

For Windows if there's a py2bat (similar to pl2bat) you can use to turn
test.py into test.bat you can do that and just say:

executable = test.bat

This is what I do for perl scripts. It assumes your .bat file will be
able to find a python executable on the path when it goes to run on the
remote machine.

- Ian