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Re: [Condor-users] Interesting use of backfill

Thanks Dan and Erik,
We'll try your ideas!


On 6/22/07, Dan Bradley <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Erik Paulson wrote:

>On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 02:39:10PM +0300, Mark Silberstein wrote:
>>The only problem was to kill startd when the actual program termintates.
>>So at the moment we make the program that is started by startd kill startd
>>right before the termination. But it's awkward. If we had a parameter in
>>startd, which would trigger it to suicide when backfill executable dies
>>itself - this would be fantastic. We have no problems with fixing that
>>ourselves, but we thought maybe this parameter can be added in 6.9.x
>>Any other ideas would be appreciated!
>You could try STARTD_NOCLAIM_SHUTDOWN, which is the number of seconds the
>startd will stay unclaimed before shutting itself down. It may work
>with "Backfill" jobs as the "Claim", but I'm not sure if it does (or,
>actually, even if it should! :)
I checked the code.  Backfill does count as a claim for this purpose, so
your idea should work.

Another idea is to use the new DAEMON_SHUTDOWN expression, but you might
have to wait for 6.9.4.  In 6.9.4, there will be attributes in the
startd ad advertising how much time it has spent in each state+activity,
so you would be able to configure the shutdown expression to stop the
startd if some backfill time has been used, but the slot is no longer in
the backfill state.

>Another idea is to use MaxJobRetirementTime or condor_off -peaceful to let
>the startd run until the job boundry. Again, I'm not sure that the startd
>treats the "backfill" as a job, so it may not work either.

I checked the code for this too.  MaxJobRetirementTime doesn't apply to
backfill, so this one won't work.


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