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Re: [Condor-users] winn51 vs winn52

Richardson, Joshua wrote:

I have just added another computer to my cluster. It has 8 processors, but I only want to allow 4 to be used and dedicated to Condor. Is there a way I can do this?

Put in the condor_config.local for that machine

  NUM_CPUS = 4

and then restart (or reconfig?) Condor on that machine.
As well, the computer I added is a winn52. The rest are winn51. What is the difference and how do I submit jobs to both at the same time. Right now, when I submit jobs they go to all the other computers but not the winn52. Thanks for any input that I receive in advance.

If you don't think you will ever care about the difference, you could just over-ride the opsys setting by placing in that machine's condor_config.local


and then reconfig or restart.

Alternatively, when you submit you could put in the job submit file something like:
   Requirements = opsys=="winnt51" || opsys=="winnt52"

hope this helps,

Josh Richardson

Integrity Applications Incorporated Intern (IAI)

703-378-8672 ext 632


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