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Re: [Condor-users] All jobs remaining UNSUBMITTED

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Burt Holzman wrote:

Steven Timm wrote:
If that doesn't work, then your condor_gridmanager (which runs
as whatever nonprivileged user you are) is hosed and you should kill it.
It will automatically restart.

It could very well be this last bit.  There was a bug in Condor 6.8.2
and below where a lapsed connection to the gatekeeper would cause the
gridmanager to cease submission.  Upgrading or killing the gridmanager
are the ways out.

- B
Do we know for a fact this was fixed?  It sure seems to be better
for me in condor 6.8.3 but I had not seen anywhere in the release notes,
nor for that matter on a currently open ticket that I have with
condor-admin for this very problem, that it is supposed to have been fixed. Any input?

Steve Timm

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