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Re: [Condor-users] How do you capture error and output streams frombadput runs ?

> Hi All
> I have a user that would like to be able to capture the error 
> and output streams from each condor
> job they run, sounds simple initially, but they want to 
> capture those streams for each individual
> job, even if that job fails to run to completion on a given 
> machine.  Bear in mind that our Condor
> pool is a Windows pool and that checkpointing is not 
> supported.  Basically we want to capture the
> error and output streams so we can understand badput - which 
> may mean trying to capture multiple
> badput error and output streams per job before we get the 
> final goodput version.  This is not a
> problem with the log file since it is appended rather than 
> overwritten.

Each job goes to its own file, something like
LOG = log
ERROR = $(PROCESS).error
OUTPUT = $(PROCESS).output

will keep errors and output files all separate

or am I misunderstanding something?