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Re: [Condor-users] SSL authentication with WinXP

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 02:25:02PM -0000, Smith, Ian wrote:
> but the big question is what I do with them. I can't work out exactly
> what these
> parameters refer to

That's not quite right; it's 

The distinction between the SERVER and CLIENT parameters is that the
client initiates the communication.  For example, when the collector
receives an update from an execute host, the execute host initiates the
connection and is therefore the client.  When a schedd transfers a job
to an execute host, the schedd is the client and the execute host is the

This distinction is made in the interest of flexibility; but if no one
cares or uses it we can remove it in the interest of simplicity.  In the
simple case, both the client and the server entries are the same.

The KEYFILE and CERTFILE parameters are set to the host or user private key
and certificate files, repectively.  

AUTH_SSL_SERVER_KEYFILE = /opt/condor/run/certs/pvt/foo.cs.wisc.edu.key
AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CERTFILE = /opt/condor/run/certs/foo.cs.wisc.edu.crt

The DIR and FILE are used to determine the validity of certificates.
Each side needs a way of determining whether the credentials offered by
a the other side are acceptable.  Each side therefore needs to specify a
list of certificate authorities (CAs) which are acceptable.  If you
create a CA, the CA certificate is what you want here.  

Some CAs have multiple levels: a root CA and intermediate signing CAs.
Some installations want to be able to trust several CAs.  OpenSSL
provides two ways to specify the trusted CAs: put all the certs in one
file (FILE), or put them all in one directory (DIR).

In the most basic case:

AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CAFILE = /opt/condor/run/certs/cas/cacert.pem
AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CADIR = /opt/condor/run/certs/cas

> Do I need to set these on the execute hosts and the central manager and
> submit
> host ? Presumably I need to create one host cert per execute host but
> how do
> I tie it to that machine. Surely someone could just copy it to another
> machine ?

Permissions need to be set on the key file so that the key file is only
readable by the condor daemons (which run as root).  So, in the example

chmod 0700 /opt/condor/run/certs/pvt


> cheers,
> -ian.
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