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Re: [Condor-users] MPICH2 wrapper script (mpich2script) for parallel universe

Thanks Mark for the script...I just tried it and it works fine if the parallel program is  executed on a single dedicated node.. The script starts mpd on the master node (rank==0 or $_CONDOR_PROCNO ==0) only, and if one has many dedicated execute nodes, the script does not start mpd on the other nodes.. Will try to modify it to get it to start mpd on all dedicated execute nodes..so far tried using mpdboot, but it seems not as straight forward  to get the ring of mpd's working..


On 3/16/07, Mark Calleja <M.Calleja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Nkwebi,

I don't know if you still need this, but you can get my copy of
mp2script at:


Copy and paste it, and rename it as mp2script. A couple of points you
should bear in mind: I had to put a .mpd.conf file in the home directory
of the user running condor (I use dedicated condor user accounts), but I
also had to set the env var MPD_CONF_FILE in the script, otherwise mpd
failed to find the file. I also load LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the compiler
libs I used to build mpich2 (I used ifort/icc 9.1). This script works
fine with the "cpi" example that gets built by mpich2 in


Nkwebi Peace Motlogelwa wrote:
> Hi all... I need a working MPICH2 wrapper script for condor's
> parallel universe...I use condor-6.8.4, but it comes with wrapper
> scripts for LAM and MPICH1 only.. I tried to modify the
> mpich1script, but not winning so far... anybody using condor
> and mpich2 and willing to share their wrapper scripts?...Pls help..
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