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Re: [Condor-users] MPICH2 wrapper script (mpich2script) for parallel universe

Hi Nkwebi,

I don't know if you still need this, but you can get my copy of mp2script at:


Copy and paste it, and rename it as mp2script. A couple of points you should bear in mind: I had to put a .mpd.conf file in the home directory of the user running condor (I use dedicated condor user accounts), but I also had to set the env var MPD_CONF_FILE in the script, otherwise mpd failed to find the file. I also load LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the compiler libs I used to build mpich2 (I used ifort/icc 9.1). This script works fine with the "cpi" example that gets built by mpich2 in /path/to/mpich2/distro/examples.


Nkwebi Peace Motlogelwa wrote:
> Hi all... I need a working MPICH2 wrapper script for condor's
> parallel universe...I use condor-6.8.4, but it comes with wrapper
> scripts for LAM and MPICH1 only.. I tried to modify the
> mpich1script, but not winning so far... anybody using condor
> and mpich2 and willing to share their wrapper scripts?...Pls help..