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[Condor-users] Flocking 'twixt Condor pools

Can anyone help with debugging why flocking 'twixt two Condor pools isn't working please. (Condor 6.6.11 on all machines.)

We have a successful pool - mibpool1 - and we want to create similar on student clusters around the University. I have started with a new test pool of a couple of PCs in another building; all is well with it as an independent pool. FLOCK_TO and FLOCK_FROM variables are set correctly on both pool masters.

On my main pool we always have a 100 to 200 jobs (mainly Java) nearly always queued up ready to run (Idle status in their queues); they never flock over. I can do condor_status -pool <the other pool master> -java and it says they are free and unclaimed.

I've checked with our network experts and there is no firewall or router settings causing problems.

I have taken one of our PCs out of the main pool and put it in its own - mibpooltest - to see if I can flock to that, so far no luck.

All help much appreciated.

Ian Cottam
Information Systems Manager
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre
The John Garside Building (Room G.002)
The University of Manchester
e: ian.cottam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
t: 0161 306 5198
m: 07856 849831