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Re: [Condor-users] matlab on CONDOR

Hello Brian

We have here a small purely Linux-based pool (Was RHEL3, now replaced with
where Matlab jobs run on a regular basis. Quite complex jobs in fact, taking
to complete.
They do run in vanilla universe only, as we haven't managed to compile
them for the standard universe, but vanilla works just fine. It shouldn't be
too difficult to set up your own user-level checkpointing within the
Matlab code I think, although we have found that it was not that necessary
in the end. Our boxes are HT Xeons and Condor runs Matlab jobs in the
background quite happily without creating too much annoyance to the desktop
users. Sometime it does suspend/release the jobs and only rarely moves
the jobs around. Users are quite happy about this setup.
The major benefit (to us at least) about running Matlab jobs through Condor 
is that you do not deplete available licenses this way, leaving them
to the interactive users.
You do need to have the Matlab Compiler of course. It is possible to run
Matlab scripts not compiled, but they would require licenses.

best regards,

Andrey Kaliazin
Senior Server Engineer (cluster computing)
Information Systems Aston (ISA)
Aston University, Aston Triangle,
Birmingham, B4 7ET 
Tel: 0121 204 3465 

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> Dear Condor users,
> Condor is new to me, and I am wondering if there is anyone 
> using Condor to 
> speed up matlab projects.  From a quick look at some of the 
> documentation, 
> it seems like matlab jobs cannot be stopped and moved between 
> machines 
> using checkpoint because the software is proprietary.  Is 
> that true?  If 
> so, what are the benefits of using condor for matlab?  Also, 
> would it be 
> better to have it running on a group of windows machines 
> running matlab, or 
> Red Hat Linux machines running matlab (or some combination)?
> Thanks in advance for any info,
> Brian
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