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[Condor-users] Making a computed value visible and updated in host ClassAd

I have a value that I need to recompute and republish in the host's
ClassAd every time it is sent out.  I'm currently doing the following
but the value isn't actually showing up.

STARTD_EXPRS            = $(STARTD_EXPRS), Nikola_MemRemaining
GLOBAL_MEMORY		= [a static value computed when the condor_config is built]

Nikola_MemRemaining = (($(GLOBAL_MEMORY) - \
            ifThenElse(isUndefined(vm1_JobMaxMem), 0, vm1_JobMaxMem) - \
            ifThenElse(isUndefined(vm2_JobMaxMem), 0, vm2_JobMaxMem) - \
            ifThenElse(isUndefined(vm3_JobMaxMem), 0, vm3_JobMaxMem) - \
            ifThenElse(isUndefined(vm4_JobMaxMem), 0, vm4_JobMaxMem))

When I set Nikola_MemRemaining to a static value like "TEST" or "TRUE"
it shows up with a "condor_status -long hostname | grep Nikola_Mem" but
when I use it as above nothing shows up.  I suspect I'm missing some
very obvious magic.

Any hints would be appreciated.