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Re: [Condor-users] mcnp5 and condor -- file not found, unit 39?

On 5/14/07, Todd Tannenbaum <tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Perhaps your fortran runtime library allow you to configure the location
where scratch files are created based upon an environment variable?  Or
perhaps it looks at the "TEMP" environment variable?  If so, then you
can set it to the Condor execute directory (i.e. the subdirectory your
job is born in) and you are all set.

should you be able to set this via the submit file? i.e on windows
environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%
environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\temp

(note to users - you _probably_ want it to be in a subdirectory since
the temp files will then not be transfered back by default which is
probably the desired behaviour)
Obviously the \temp one has issues of your app needing to ensure that
said directory exists before using it but this is probably possible

It would be quite nice to be able to automatically make this happen
(at the moment I use a batch script and rely on starting in the
execute directory but the more I can move out of the batch file the

to do this in a batch (cmd) file on windows

echo "making temp directory in current working directory"
mkdir temp
set TMP=%CD%\temp
set TEMP=%CD%\temp

This little snippet will do the job since the cwd is always the
scratch directory