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Re: [Condor-users] mcnp5 and condor -- file not found, unit 39?

> [mailto:condor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Matt Hope
> ...
> should you be able to set this via the submit file? i.e on windows
> environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%
> or
> environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\temp

Attendees of my "Gotchas II" talk at Condor Week
will of course note that saying

environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\temp\

instead of 

environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\temp

would have been a bad move.

I'd therefore like to suggest that 
environment = "TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\temp"
(using "new" syntax for environment and arguments in submit files)
is a good style to use